Glimpses of the Year 2008-09


The Annual report is a reflection of the commitment, dedication and he effort put in by all the members of the school. IT mirrors the activities carried out throughout the year in scholastic and non scholastic fields.


Scholastic Achievements



The school gave an impressive result by recording the pass percent at 100% in class X CBSE.


Five School Toppers


I        Sugandha Rana 88.4%

II        Radha Rani                   86.0%

III       Pradeep Gahlawat          82.2%

IV      Vaishali Gupta               80.2%

V       Luvkesh Ku. Singh         77.2%

This is for the first time in the Vidyalaya’s history that the result is 100%.

In the Internal Result also the Vidyalaya has shown improvement by…….%. The primary section has 100% results while the secondary section had …..% result. The overall result is…….%.

The school made extensive efforts to promote academics by conducting study camp during winter break, arranging remedial classes, regular test for the appearing in Boards 2009. Besides these, following factors helped in Academic Promotion:

  1. Regular Monitoring by the Administrations
  2. Subject Committee Meetings
  3. Parent Teacher Meetings  


Non Scholastic Achievements


The Co- Curricular activities are so well incorporated in the curriculum that all students get equal opportunity to showcase their talent.

  • Deepakshi of Class VII, won 3rd prize in poem recitation Competition and Kavita Kumari of Class VIII bagged second prize in poster competition organized by the Indian Environment Society, TWC- The World Conference, Asia –Pacific Globe and Ministry of Environment and Forest at Indian Science Academy on 22nd April 2008.
  • Master Kartik Jha and Master Ashish Kumar of IX A alongwith their teacher Mrs.Anuradha Singh went to Kolkata to participate at the IRIS National Fair 2008 which was held from 3.12.08 to 6.12.08 at the Science City, JBS Haldane Avenue. Their project on “Biodegradable Cold Storage” was selected for presentation where it was judged by a high level Scientific Review Committee.   


  • Divya of IX B won 1st Prize at cluster level in essay writing competition on the topic      Yugsrista aur Srishta Dinkar.


  • School won 1st prize at Regional Level for the dramatization of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s RASHMIRATHI. The prizes were given by the Hon’ble Murli Manohar Joshi.


Social Science Exhibition at Cluster level

  • Group Song                                                                  I postion at cluster level.
  • Group Dance                                                                 I position at cluster level.
  • Jugal Bandi ( Prachi Negi IX A & Pinky IX)                  II position at Cluster level.
  • Solo song ( Prachi Negi IX A)                                    II position at cluster level.
  • Debate ( Hindi) ( Varsha IX B)                                   II position at cluster level.


  • 5 exhibits selected for Regional level and

Drainage System of Bihar (2008-09) & One exhibit on Cotton Industry (2009-10) selected for National Social Science Exhibition.


Scouts and Guides

  • Master Vijay of class IX and Master Mayank of class X have been awarded with Rajya Purasakar in Scout & Guide camp organized at Chennai from 06 to10 Oct ’09.
  • Three students won RAJYA PURUSKAR in Bharat Scouts and Guide Programme (2008-09)


“Where there is a will there is a way”.  The Vidyalaya has proved this in words and spirit. Inspite of infrastructural constraints the Vidyalaya has made up a mark in the field of  IT.

Today the name of KV Sector 25 is well known not only in Delhi but also outside Delhi and the boundaries of Nation for its achievements in the field of Computer education. The Vidyalaya stood first at National Level for its maximum participation in The Space Scientist Research Programme 2008-09 which was organised by the Oracle Education Foundation. Our students and teachers won several prizes in the different competitions.


Two students of the Vidyalaya along with a teacher were invited for the launch of India Development Gateway Multi-lingual Project on July 4, 2008 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. They showcased their innovative projects and webpages to Mr Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, Prof M. S. Swaminathan (the father of Green Revolution and Chairman, Governing Council, India Development Gateway Initiative), Shri S. Ramakrishanan (Director General C-DAC) and other VIPs. The team confidently answered the queries put to them by the guests. The work of the students of KV, Sec. 25, Rohini, was highly appreciated by everyone.

The students and teacher of KV Sector 25, Rohini were also chosen by Oracle Education Foundation to represent and showcase their work at the Manthan Awards South Asia 2008 – South Asia Conclave on ICT and Digital Content for development held at NCUI Auditorium on 16 & 17 Oct. 2008. Four Students (Divya, Kartik, Shubham & Lavkesh) showcased their WebPages and projects at Exhibition in International Conference on e-Content and Sustainability. The work of our students and teacher who represented Oracle Education Foundation was highly appreciated by the visiting dignitaries (including Mr. Tom Burns World Wide Director of Intel) who were from many countries. The team of the Vidyalaya confidently answered the questions put to them.


Games and Sports


Physical development is equally important in all round education of the students. Students are encouraged to participate in various games sporting events so as to generate a sense of team spirit and sportsmanship.

The Vidyalaya participate in the KVS Regional and National Sports Meet.

Sports activities (Winners of National Level sports meet)


Paras Vashisth  IX A bagged III position in 400 m & 200 m free style relay swimming

Harjeet Mann    IX A secured II position in 200 m Kyaking

Sports activities (Selected for National Level sports meet)

Paras Vashisth IX A                                   Swimming (100 mtr. Free style)

Kashish Aggarwal VIII A                           Chess

Shiva Aggarwal X B                                   Chess ( Stand by)

Indu Solanki IX B, Harjeet Mann IX A       Boating

Sports Activities at Regional Level

  • Swimming (100 mtr. Free style)                                 

       Paras Vashisth IX A         I position(Gold Medal)

  • Swimming (50 mtr. Free style)                   

       Paras Vashisth IX A        II position (Silver Medal)

  • Table Tennis ( Doubles)

       Sahil Chikara IX A & Sunny Jain      IXA III position (Bronze Medal)

  • Chess                           

        Shiva Aggarwal X                                III position (Bronze Medal)

       Kashish Aggarwal VIII A                       II position (Silver Medal)

  •  Boating                

          Indu Solanki IX B, Harjeet Mann IX A      III position (Bronze Medal)


  • Manjit Dabas of class X has won a silver medal and prize money of Rs.51000 in open kick boxing championship.
  • Paras of VIII A won three silver medals in 50m, 100m & 200m freestyle swimming in  regional sports meet held at KV, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi (2008-09).


Teachers’ Achievement

  • 100% Result by teachers in CBSE Class X 2009 Board result.

Teachers who give 100% Board Result

Mrs. Ranjit Kaur (Hindi)

Mrs. Manju Rajput (Science)

Mrs. Savithiry ES (Maths)

Mr. S.P. Yadav (English)

Mr. Prem Chand ( S.St)

  • The project ‘Beyond the Horizon’ designed by Miss Indu Goswami (Principal) and “Shape Our Future Bright” designed by Miss Aiman Hashmi are selected as a model project for training the PGTs of History, SSt and Economics during Inservice Course organized by KVS.


  • Principal, Indu Goswami was the course Director for 12 days , In-Service course of T.G.T. ( Eng) held from 19th May – 30th May 2009.


  • Miss Indu Goswami, Principal attended 5 days Leadership Training Programme for Education Officer and Principals at National Institute of Indian Engineering (NITIE), Vihar Lake ,PO NITIE, Mumbai 400087 from 11th Jan ’09 to 17th Jan ’09


  • Miss S Aiman Hashmi TGT English attended 5 days Hornby Seminar on Materials Development and Bilingual Education organized by British Council, India from 19th Jan’09 to 23rd Jan ’09.


  • ‘Learning English Without Burden’-paper by Ms.Aiman Hashmi TGT (Eng) selected for presentation at the Conference on Best Teaching Practices using ICET 2008 organized by NIIT on 22nd & 23rd Dec’08.
  • Miss S Aiman Hashmi (TGT Eng) topped in the German Language A2 Exam and went to Germany for two months (Oct and Nov.) to pursue B1.  The programme is organized by KVS and Max Mueller Bhawan, Delhi.


We sincerely believe in:

“Every day to something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow. And remember that continuous effort, not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential because where you start is not important as where you finish.”


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