Enjoy favorite quotes about books and reading.


Beware of the man of one book.
~ Anonymous ~
Good children’s literature appeals not only to
the child in the adult, but to the adult in the child.
~ Anonymous ~
A library is a hospital for the mind.
~ Anonymous ~
People die, but books never die. 
~ Anonymous ~
If you can read this, thank a teacher.
~ Anonymous Teacher ~
I‘ve traveled the world twice over, 
Met the famous; saints and sinners, 
Poets and artists, kings and queens, 
Old stars and hopeful beginners, 
I’ve been where no-one’s been before, 
Learned secrets from writers and cooks 
All with one library ticket 
To the wonderful world of books. 
~ Anonymous ~
Learn as much by writing as by reading. 
~ Lord Acton ~
Show me the books he loves and I shall know the man
far better than through mortal friends.
~ Dawn Adams ~
Books are the legacies that a great genius leaves to
mankind, which are delivered down from generation to
generation as presents to the posterity of those who are yet unborn,
~ Joseph Addison  ~
Of all the diversions of life, there is none so proper to fill up
its empty spaces as the reading of useful and entertaining authors.
~ Joseph Addison ~
Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
~ Joseph Addison  ~
Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.
~ Mortimer J. Adler ~
That is a good book which is opened with
expectation and closed in profit.
~ Amos Bronson Alcott ~
She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain. (1873) 
~ Louisa May Alcott ~

hen I look back, I am so impressed again
with the life-giving power of literature. 
If I were a young person today, trying to gain a sense of
myself in the world, I would do that again by reading,
just as I did when I was young.
~ Maya Angelou ~
Beware of the man of one book.
Thomas Aquinas ~
I am not a speed reader. I am a speed understander.
~ Isaac Asimov ~
He had read much, if one considers his long life;
but his contemplation was much more than his reading.
He was wont to say that if he had read as much as other men
he should have known no more than other men.
~ John Aubrey ~
To feel most beautifully alive means to be reading something beautiful,
ready always to apprehend in the flow of language the sudden flash of poetry.
~ Gaston Bachelard ~
Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted;
nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider.
Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed,
and some few to be chewed and digested:
that is, some books are to be read only in parts,
others to be read, but not curiously, and some few
to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention. 
~ Francis Bacon ~
Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man,
and writing an exact man.
~ Francis Bacon ~
Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be
chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts,
others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly,
and with diligence and attention.
~ Francis Bacon ~
Books are men of higher stature;
the only men that speak aloud for future times to hear.
~ E.S. Barrett ~
The printing press is either the greatest blessing
or the greatest curse of modern times,
sometimes one forgets which it is.
~ Sir James M. Barrie ~
He that loves a book will never want a faithful friend,
a wholesome counselor, a cheerful companion, an effectual comforter.
By study, by reading, by thinking, one may innocently
divert and pleasantly entertain himself,
as in all weathers, as in all fortunes.
~ Barrow ~
The world may be full of fourth-rate writers
but it’s also full of fourth-rate readers.
~ Stan Barstow ~
Hypocrite reader — my fellow — my brother!
~ Charles Baudelaire ~
A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a party,
a company by the way, a counselor, a multitude of counselors.
~ Henry Ward Beecher ~
A book is good company.
It is full of conversation without loquacity.
It comes to your longing with full instruction,
but pursues you never. 
~ Henry Ward Beecher ~
Books are not made for furniture,
but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house.
~ Henry Ward Beecher ~
Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?
~ Henry Ward Beecher ~
Books are not men and yet they stay alive.
~ Stephen Vincent Benet ~
The power of a text is different when it is read from when it is copied out.
Only the copied text thus commands the soul of him who is occupied with it,
whereas the mere reader never discovers the new aspects
of his inner self that are opened by the text,
that road cut through the interior jungle forever
closing behind it: because the reader follows the movement
of his mind in the free flight of day-dreaming,
whereas the copier submits it to command.
~ Walter Benjamin ~
All the best stories in the world are but one story in reality — the story of escape.
It is the only thing which interests us all and at all times, how to escape.
~ Arthur Christopher Benson ~
When we read a story, we inhabit it.
The covers of the book are like a roof and four walls.
What is to happen next will take place within the four walls of the story.
And this is possible because the story’s voice makes everything its own. 
~ John Berger  ~
I read the newspaper avidly.
It is my one form of continuous fiction.
~ Aneurin Bevan ~
Reading is not a duty, and has consequently
no business to be made disagreeable.
~ Augustine Birrell ~
Books, I found, had the power to make time
stand still, retreat or fly into the future.
~ Jim Bishop ~
The failure to read good books both enfeebles the vision
and strengthens our most fatal tendency–
the belief that the here and now is all there is. 
~ Allan Bloom  ~
A wonderful thing about a book, in contrast to a computer screen,
is that you can take it to bed with you.
~ Daniel J. Boorstin ~
I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.
Jorge Luis Borges
A conventional good read is usually a bad read,
a relaxing bath in what we know already.
A true good read is surely an act of innovative creation in which we,
the readers, become conspirators.
~ Malcolm Bradbury ~
You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture.
Just get people to stop reading them.
~ Ray Bradbury ~
The closest we will ever come to an
orderly universe is a good library.
~ Ashleigh Brilliant ~
There are worse crimes than burning books.
One of them is not reading them.
~ Joseph Brodsky ~
It is well to read everything of something,
and something of everything.
~ Lord Henry P. Brougham ~
When I got [my] library card, that was when my life began.
~ Rita Mae Brown ~
Books, books, books had found the secret of a garret-room
piled high with cases in my father’s name;
Piled high, packed large, –where, creeping in and out
among the giant fossils of my past, like some small nimble mouse
between the ribs of a mastodon, I nibbled here and there
at this or that box, pulling through the gap, in heats
of terror, haste, victorious joy, the first book first.
And how I felt it beat under my pillow, in the morning’s dark.
An hour before the sun would let me read!
My books!
~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning ~
We get no good 
By being ungenerous, even to a book, 
And calculating profits, 
— so much help 
By so much reading. it is rather when 
We gloriously forget ourselves and plunge 
Soul-forward, headlong, into a book’s profound, 
Impassioned for its beauty and salt of truth — 
‘T is then we get the right good from a book.” (1857) 
~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning ~
Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.(1994) 
~ Emilie Buchwald ~
There is no past, so long as book shall live!
Edward Bulwer-Lytton.
To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.
~ Edmund Burke ~
Books are masters who instruct us without rods or ferules,
without words or anger, without bread or money.
If you approach them, they are not asleep; if you seek them,
they do not hide; if you blunder, they do not scold;
if you are ignorant, they do not laugh at you.
~ Richard De Bury ~
The oldest books are still only just out to those who have not read them. 
~  Samuel Butler ~
Surviving and thriving as a professional today demands
two new approaches to the written word.
First, it requires a new approach to orchestrating information,
by skillfully choosing what to read and what to ignore.
Second, it requires a new approach to integrating information, by
reading faster and with greater comprehension.
~ Jimmy Calano ~
A novel is never anything, but a philosophy put into images.
~ Albert Camus ~
After all manner of professors have done their best for us,
the place we are to get knowledge is in books.
The true university of these days is a collection of books.
~ Thomas Carlyle ~
All that Mankind has done, thought, gained or been–
it is lying as in magic preservation in the pages of Books.
~ Thomas Carlyle ~
The best effect of any book is that it excites the reader to self activity.
~ Thomas Carlyle ~
A good book is the purest essence of a human soul.
~ Thomas Carlyle ~
In books lies the soul of the whole past time. 
~ Thomas Carlyle ~
What is the use of a book’, thought Alice,
‘without pictures or conversations?’ 
~ Lewis Carroll ~
Books are standing counselors and preachers, always at hand,
and always disinterested; having this advantage over oral instructors,
that they are ready to repeat their lesson as often as we please.
~ Oswald Chambers ~
Books are the blessed chloroform of the mind.
~ Robert Chambers ~
A good title is the title of a successful book.
~ Raymond Chandler ~
The flood of print has turned reading into a process
of gulping rather than savoring
~ Warren Chappell ~
There is no substitute for books in the life of a child. (1952)
~ Mary Ellen Chase ~
Let blockheads read what blockheads wrote.
~ Lord Chesterfield ~
The mere brute pleasure of reading —
the sort of pleasure a cow must have in grazing.
~ Gilbert K. Chesterton ~
A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.
~ Chinese proverb ~
Happy is he who has laid up in his youth, and held fast in all fortune,
a genuine and passionate love of reading.
~ Rufus Choate ~
A room without books is like a body without a soul.
~ Marcus T. Cicero ~
Perhaps there are none more lazy, or more truly ignorant,
than your everlasting readers.
~ William Cobbett ~
Force yourself to reflect on what you read,
paragraph by paragraph.
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge ~
Readers may be divided into four classes: 
1.) Sponges, who absorb all that they read and return it in 
nearly the same state, only a little dirtied. 
2.) Sand-glasses, who retain nothing and are content to get
through a book for the sake of getting through the time. 
3.) Strain-bags, who retain merely the dregs of what they read. 
4.) Mogul diamonds, equally rare and valuable, who profit by 
what they read, and enable others to profit by it also. 
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge ~
Books are but waste paper unless we spend in action
the wisdom we get from thought — sleep.
When we are weary of the living, we may repair to the dead,
who have nothing of peevishness, pride,
or design in their conversation.
~ Jeremy Collier ~
I used to walk to school with my nose buried in a book.
~ Coolio ~
I often feel sorry for people who don’t read good books;
they are missing a chance to lead an extra life.
~ Scott Corbett ~
The way a book is read- which is to say,
the qualities a reader brings to a book-
can have as much to do with its worth 
as anything the author puts into it.
~ Norman Cousins ~
The book salesman should be honored
because he brings to our attention, as a rule, the very
books we need most and neglect most.
~ Frank Crane ~
It was clear that the books owned the shop rather than the other
way about. Everywhere they had run wild and taken possession of
their habitat, breeding and multiplying and clearly lacking any strong
hand to keep them down. (1963) 
~ Agatha Christie ~
You are wise, witty and wonderful,
but you spend too much time reading this sort of stuff.
~ Jim Critchfield ~
The successful Accelerated Reader is able to read larger than
normal “blocks” or “bites” of the printed page with each eye stop.
He has accepted, without reservation, the philosophy that
the most important benefit of reading is the gaining
of information, ideas, mental “picture” and entertainment-
not the fretting over words. He has come to the realization that words
in and of themselves are for the most part insignificant.
~ Wade E. Cutler ~
The great American novel has not only already been written,
it has already been rejected.
~ Frank Dane ~
Next, in importance to books are their titles.
~ Paul Davies ~
A truly great book should be read in youth,
again in maturity and once more in old age,
as a fine building should be seen by morning light,
at noon and by moonlight. 
~ Robertson Davies ~
I heard his library burned down and both books were destroyed —
and one of them hadn’t even been colored in yet.
~ John Dawkins ~
The man who is fond of books is usually a man
of lofty thought, and of elevated opinions.
~ Christopher Dawson ~
The world of books is the most remarkable creation of man:
nothing else that he builds ever lasts monuments fall; nations perish;
civilization grow old and die out; new races build others.
But in the world of books are volumes that have seen
this happen again and again and yet live on.
Still young, still as fresh as the day they were written,
still telling men’s hearts, of the hearts of men centuries dead.
~ Clarence Day ~
There is no Frigate like a Book
To take us Lands away,
Nor any Coursers like a Page
Of prancing Poetry.
~ Emily Dickinson ~
There is more treasure in books than
in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.
~ Walt Disney ~
There is an art of reading, as well as an art of thinking,
and an art of writing.
~ Isaac Disraeli ~
It is a great thing to start life with a small number
of really good books which are your very own.
~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ~
Never judge a book by its movie.
~ J. W. Eagan ~
A book is a fragile creature. It suffers the wear of time,
it fears rodents, the elements, clumsy hands.
~ Umberto Eco ~
Reading, after a certain age, diverts the mind too much from its
creative pursuits. Any man who reads too much and uses his own
brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
~ Albert Einstein ~
Don’t join the book burners. Don’t be afraid to go
in your library and read every book.
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower ~
Books are the quietest and most constant of friends;
they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors,
and the most patient of teachers.”
~ Charles W. Eliot ~
I read, much of the night, and go south in the winter.
~ T. S. Eliot ~
If we encounter a man of rare intellect,
we should ask him what books he reads.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~
In a library we are surrounded by many hundreds of dear friends
imprisoned by an enchanter in paper and leathern boxes.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~
Our high respect for a well read person is praise enough for literature.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~
There is creative reading as well as creative writing.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~
Tis the good reader that makes the good book;
a good head cannot read amiss:
in every book he finds passages which seem confidences
or asides hidden from all else and unmistakably meant for his ear. 
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson  ~
What’s a book? Everything or nothing. The eye that sees it all.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
When I get a little money, I buy books;
and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.
 ~ Desiderius Erasmus 1466-1536 ~
To read is to empower 
To empower is to write 
To write is to influence 
To Influence is to change 
To change is to live. 
~ Jane Evershed ~
More than a Tea Party
Read, read, read.
~ William Faulkner ~
If the riches of the Indies, or the crowns of all the kingdom of Europe,
were laid at my feet in exchange for my love of reading,
I would spurn them all.
~ Francois FéNelon ~
Read in order to live.
~ Gustave Flaubert ~
I suggest that the only books that influence us
are those for which we are ready,
and which have gone a little farther down our particular path
than we have yet got ourselves. 
~ E. M. Forster ~
It is a mistake to think that books have come to stay.
The human race did without them for thousands of years
and may decide to do without them again.
~ E. M. Forster ~
Never lend books, for no one ever returns them;
the only books I have in my library are books
that other folks have left me.
~ Anatole France ~
If I read a book that impresses me,
I have to take myself firmly in hand,
before I mix with other people;
otherwise they would think my
mind rather queer. (1952) 
~ Anne Frank ~
The person who deserves most pity is a lonesome one
on a rainy day who doesn’t know how to read.
~ Benjamin Franklin ~
Read much, but not many books.
~ Benjamin Franklin ~
When I discovered libraries, it was like having Christmas every day.
~ Jean Fritz ~
Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.
~ W. Fusselman ~
When you have mastered numbers, you will in fact no longer be
reading numbers, any more than you read words when reading books
You will be reading meanings.
~ Harold S. Geneen ~
Let us read with method, and propose to ourselves
an end to which our studies may point.
The use of reading is to aid us in thinking.
~ Edward Gibbon ~
To read a writer is for me not merely to get an idea of what he says,
but to go off with him and travel in his company. 
~ André Gide ~
I know every book of mine by its smell, and I have but to put my nose
between the pages to be reminded of all sorts of things.
~ George Robert Gissing ~
 Read books. They are good for us.
~ Natalie Goldberg ~ 
The library, I believe, is the last of our public institutions
to which you can go without credentials.
You don’t even need the sticker on your windshield
that you need to get into the public beach.
All you need is the willingness to read.
~ Harry Golden ~
The first time I read an excellent work, 
it is to me just as if I gained a new friend;
and when I read over a book I have perused before,
it resembles the meeting of an old one.
~ Sir James Goldsmith ~
Learning to read has been reduced to a process of mastering
a series of narrow, specific, hierarchical skills.
Where armed-forces recruits learn the components of a rifle
or the intricacies of close order drill “by the numbers,”
recruits to reading learn its mechanics sound
by sound and word by word.
~ Jacquelyn Gross ~
I have read your book and much like it.
~ Moses Hadas ~
The greatest gift is the passion for reading.
It is cheap, it consoles, it distracts, it excites,
it gives you knowledge of the world and experience of a wide kind.
It is a moral illumination.
~ Elizabeth Hardwick ~
Books give not wisdom where none was before.
But where some is, there reading makes it more.
~ John Harington ~
I did it!
I did it! 
Come and look
At what I’ve done!
I read a book! 
When someone wrote it
Long ago
For me to read,
How did he know
That this was the book
I’d take from the shelf
And lie on the floor
And read by myself?
I really read it!
Just like that!
Word by word, 
From first to last!
I’m sleeping with
This book in bed,
This first FIRST book
I’ve ever read!
~ David L. Harrison ~
(from Somebody Catch My Homework)
In a very real sense, people who have read good literature
have lived more than people who cannot or will not read.
It is not true that we have only one life to lead; if we can read,
we can live as many more lives and as many kinds of lives as we wish.
~ S. I. Hayakawa ~
Whenever they burn books they will also,
in the end, burn human beings.
 ~ Heinrich Heine ~
 (Almansor:  A Tragedy)
All good books are alike in that they are truer
than if they had really happened
and after you are finished reading one
you will feel that all that happened
to you and afterwards it all belongs to you;
the good and the bad, the ecstasy, the remorse,
and sorrow, the people and the places and how the weather was. 
~ Ernest Hemingway ~
These are not books, lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves.
~ Gilbert Highet ~
The best of a book is not the thought which it contains,
but the thought which it suggests;
just as the charm of music dwells not in the tones
but in the echoes of our hearts.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes ~
Be as careful of the books you read, as of the company you keep,
for your habits and character will be as much
influenced by the former as the latter.
~ Paxton Hood~
The books we read should be chosen with great care,
that they may be, as an Egyptian king wrote over his library,
“The medicines of the soul.”
~ Paxton Hood ~
What a school thinks about its library is a measure
of what it feels about education.
~ Harold Howe ~
Professor Emeritus at the Harvard Graduate School of Education
and a former U.S. Commissioner of Education
The proper study of mankind is books.
~ Aldous Huxley ~
The end of reading is not more books but more life.
~ George Holbrook Jackson ~
The newest books are those that never grow old.
~ George Holbrook Jackson ~
Read as you taste fruit or savor wine,
or enjoy friendship, love or life.
~ George Holbrook Jackson ~
If you believe everything you read, better not read. 
~ Japanese proverb ~
Books constitute capital.
A library book lasts as long as a house, for hundreds of years.
It is not, then, an article of mere consumption but fairly of capital,
and often in the case of professional men, setting out in life,
it is their only capital.
~ Thomas Jefferson ~
The end of reading is not more books but more life.
~ Holbrook Jackson ~
A book should teach us to enjoy life, or to endure it.
~ Samuel Johnson ~
Books that you carry to the fire, and hold readily
in your hand, are most useful after all.
~ Samuel Johnson ~
A man ought to read just as inclination leads him,
for what he reads as a task will do him little good. 
~ Samuel Johnson ~
What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.
~ Samuel Johnson ~
Books like friends, should be few and well-chosen.
~ Joineriana ~
The worst thing about new books is that
they keep us from reading the old ones.
~ Joseph Joubert ~
Give me books, fruit, French wine and fine weather and
a little music out of doors, played by someone I do not know.
~ John Keats ~
I have good reason to be content,
for thank God I can read and
perhaps understand Shakespeare to his depths.
~ John Keats ~
Everywhere I have sought rest and not found it,
except sitting in a corner by myself with a little book.
~ Thomas ã Kempis ~
To sit alone in the lamplight with a book spread out before you,
and hold intimate converse with men of unseen generations–
such is a pleasure beyond compare.
~ Yosida Kenko ~
I am a part of everything that I have read.
~ John Kieran ~
The libraries have become my candy store.
~ Juliana Kimball ~
Except a living man, there is nothing more wonderful than a book.
Charles Kingsley
A bad book is the worse that it cannot repent.
It has not been the devil’s policy to keep the
masses of mankind in ignorance; but finding that they will read,
he is doing all in his power to poison their books.
~ E. N. Kirk ~
You can either read something many times in order to be assured
that you got it all, or else you can define your purpose
and use techniques which will assure that you have met it
and gotten what you need.
~ Peter Kump ~
There should be a little voice in your head like the storyteller
is saying it.  And if there’s not, then you’re just lookin’ at the words.
 ~ LaKeisha ~
(9th Grader in San Francisco)
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Borrowers of books –those mutilators of collections,
spoilers of the symmetry of shelves,
and creators of odd volumes.
~ Charles Lamb ~
I love to lose myself in other men’s minds.
Books think for me.
~ Charles Lamb ~
What is reading, but silent conversation.
~ Walter Savage Landor ~
After all, the world is not a stage — not to me:
nor a theatre: nor a show-house of any sort.
And art, especially novels, are not little theatres where the reader
sits aloft and watches… and sighs, commiserates, condones and smiles.
That’s what you want a book to be: because it leaves you
so safe and superior, with your two-dollar ticket to the show.
And that’s what my books are not and never will be.
Whoever reads me will be in the thick of the scrimmage,
and if he doesn’t like it — if he wants a safe seat in the audience —
let him read someone else.
~ D. H. Lawrence ~
Magazines all too frequently lead to books and should be regarded
by the prudent as the heavy petting of literature.
~ Fran Lebowitz ~
Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read.
One does not love breathing.
~ Harper Lee ~
You’ve really got to start hitting the books
because it’s no joke out here.
~ Spike Lee ~
Books to the ceiling,
Books to the sky.
My pile of books
Are a mile high.
How I love them!
How I need them!
I’ll have a long beard
By the time I read them.
~ Arnold Lobel ~
Reading furnishes the mind only with materials for knowledge;
it is thinking that makes what we read ours. 
~ John Locke ~
I feel a kind of reverence for the first books of young authors.
There is so much aspiration in them,
so much audacious hope and trembling fear,
so much of the heart’s history, that all errors
and shortcomings are for a while lost sight of
in the amiable self assertion of youth. 
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ~
For books are more than books, they are the life,
the very heart and core of ages past,
the reason why men lived and worked and died,
the essence and quintessence of their lives.
~ Amy Lowell ~
Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen
from one to another mind.
~ James Russell Lowell  ~
In science, read by preference the newest works.
In literature, read the oldest.
The classics are always modern.
~ Lord Edward Lytton ~
A novel must be exceptionally good to live as long as the average cat.
~ Hugh Maclennan ~
Everything in the world exists to end up in a book.
~ Stephane Mallarme ~
Resolve to edge in a little reading every day,
if it is but a single sentence. 
If you gain fifteen minutes a day,
it will make itself felt at the end of the year.
~ Horace Mann ~
Life happened because I turned the pages.
~ Alberto Manguel ~
A History of Reading, 1996 
The pleasure of reading is doubled when one lives
with another who shares the same books.
~ Katherine Mansfield ~
Once we have learned to read, meaning of words
can somehow register without consciousness.
~ Anthony Marcel ~
Readers are plentiful: thinkers are rare.
~ Harriet Martineau ~
To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself
a refuge from almost all of the miseries of life.
~ W. Somerset Maugham ~
I must say that I find television very educational. 
The minute somebody turns it on, I go to the library and read a book. 
~ Groucho Marx  ~
Outside a dog, a book is man’s best friend.
Inside a dog, it’s too dark to read.
Groucho Marx

he book to read is not the one which thinks for you,
but the one which makes you think.
~ Mccosh ~
Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading,
to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs,
is good for him.
~ Richard McKenna ~
Books, to the reading child, are so much more than books — they
are dreams and knowledge, they are a future, and a past.(1940) 
~ Esther Meynell ~
Until it is kindled by a spirit as flamingly alive as the one
which gave it birth a book is dead to us.
Words divested of their magic are but dead hieroglyphs.
~ Henry Miller ~
Deep versed in books and shallow in himself.
~ John Milton ~
He who destroys a good book kills reason itself.
~ John Milton ~
Books and marriage go ill together.
~ Molière ~
No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.
~ Lady M. W. Montague ~
I‘ve never known any trouble that an hour’s reading didn’t assuage.
~ Montesquieu ~
Some of the most famous books are the least worth reading.
Their fame was due to their having done something
that needed to be doing in their day. 
The work is done and the virtue of the book has expired.
~ John Morely ~
Book lovers will understand me,
and they will know too that part of the pleasure
of a library lies in its very existence.
~ Jan Morris ~
A dose of poison can do its work but once.
A bad book can go on poisoning minds for generations.
~ William Murray ~
Just the knowledge that a good book is awaiting one
at the end of a long day makes the day happier.
~ Kathleen Norris ~
I think reading a novel is almost next best to having something to do.(1857) 
~ Margaret Oliphant ~
The books that help you most are those which make you think that most.
The hardest way of learning is that of easy reading;
but a great book that comes from a great thinker is a ship of
thought, deep freighted with truth and beauty.
~ Theodore Parker ~
It is not enough to simply teach children to read;
we have to give them something worth reading.
Something that will stretch their imaginations-
something that will help them make sense of their own lives
and encourage them to reach out toward people
whose lives are quite different from their own.
~ Katherine Paterson ~
Much reading is an oppression of the mind, and extinguishes the natural candle,
which is the reason of so many senseless scholars in the world. 
~ William Penn ~
Wear the old coat and buy the new book.
~ Austin Phelps ~
I divide all readers into two classes:
Those who read to remember
and those who read to forget.
~ William Phelps ~
No one can read with profit that which
he cannot learn to read with pleasure.
~ Noah Porter ~
Properly, we should read for power.
Man reading should be man intensely alive.
The book should be a ball of light in one’s hand.
~ Ezra Pound ~
There is no reason why the same man should like
the same books at eighteen and forty-eight. 
~ Ezra Pound ~
Books do furnish a room.
~ Anthony Powell ~
I would be most content if my children grew up to be
the kind of people who think decorating
consists mostly of building enough bookshelves. (1993) 
~ Anna Quindlen ~
Reading makes immigrants of us all.
It takes us away from home, but more important,
it finds homes for us everywhere.
~ Hazel Rochman ~
Upon books the collective education of the race depends;
they are the sole instruments of registering, 
perpetuating and transmitting thought.
~ Henry C. Rogers ~
Everything you need for better future and success
has already been written. And guess what?
All you have to do is go to the library.
~ Jim Rohn ~
The reason that fiction is more interesting than any other form of literature,
to those who really like to study people,
is that in fiction the author can really tell the truth without humiliating himself.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~
Very young children eat their books, literally devouring their contents.
This is one reason for the scarcity of first editions of Alice in Wonderland
and other favorites of the nursery.
~ A. S. W. Rosenbach ~
A library should be like a pair of open arms.
~ Roger Rosenblat ~t
Prerequisite for rereadability in books:
that they be forgettable.
~ Jean Rostand ~
The real risks for any artist are taken in pushing the work
to the limits of what is possible, in the attempt to increase the sum
of what it is possible to think. Books become good when they
go to this edge and risk falling over it –when they endanger
the artist by reason of what he has, or has not, artistically dared.
~ Salman Rushdie ~
All books are divisible into two classes,
the books of the hour, and the books of all time. 
~ John Ruskin ~
Be sure that you go to the author to get
at his meaning, not to find yours.
~ John Ruskin ~
To use books rightly, is to go to them for help;
to appeal to them when our own knowledge and power fail;
to be led by them into wider sight and purer conception than our own,
and to receive from them the united sentence of the judges
and councils of all time, against our solitary and unstable opinions.
~ John Ruskin ~
There are two motives for reading a book;
one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it.
~ Bertrand Russell ~
By elevating your reading, you will improve your writing
or at least tickle your thinking.” 
~ William Safire ~
What I like best is a book that’s at least funny once in a while…
What really knocks me out is a book that,
when you’re all done reading it,
you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours
and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it.
That doesn’t happen much, though. 
~ J. D. Salinger ~

library is thought in cold storage.
~ Herbert Samuel ~
Books….are like lobster shells, we surround ourselves with ’em,
then we grow out of ’em and leave ’em behind,
as evidence of our earlier stages of development. (1928) 
~ Dorothy Sayers ~
I‘ve never know any trouble than an hour’s reading didn’t assuage.
~ Charles de Secondat ~
The more that you read,
the more things you will know.
The more that you learn,
the more places you’ll go.
~ Dr. Seuss ~
How can you dare teach a man to read
until you’ve taught him everything else first?
~ George Bernard Shaw ~
The humble little school library … was a ramp to everything
in the world and beyond, everything that could be dreamed and
imagined, everything that could be known, everything that could be hoped.
 ~ Lee Sherman, ~ 
(Editor of Northwest Education)
Learn more about the importance of reading by following the link
to the Fall 1998 issue of Northwest Education, an online journal
published by the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory.

hat is the most precious, the most exciting smell awaiting
you in the house when you return to it after a dozen years or so?
The smell of roses, you think? No, moldering books.
~ Andre Sinyavsky ~
We shouldn’t teach great books;
we should teach a love of reading.
~ B. F. Skinner ~
People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading.
~ Logan Pearsall Smith ~
It is no more necessary that a man should remember the different
dinners and suppers which have made him healthy, than the different
books which have made him wise. Let us see the results of good food
in a strong body, and the results of great reading in a full and powerful mind.
~ Sydney Smith ~
Only a generation of readers will span a generation of writers.
~ Steven Spielberg ~
Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
~ Richard Steele ~
Digressions, incontestably, are the sunshine;
they are the life, the soul of reading.
 ~ Laurence Sterne ~
Why pay a dollar for a bookmark?
Why not use the dollar for a bookmark?
~ Fred Stoller ~
A great book should leave you with many
experiences and slightly exhausted at the end.
You should live several lives while reading it.
~ William Styron ~
Most books, like their authors, are born to die;
of only a few books can it be said that death
has no dominion over them;
they live, and their influence lives forever.
~ J. Swartz ~
Books–the children of the brain.
~ Jonathan Swift ~
Books, like proverbs, receive their chief value from the stamp
and esteem of the ages through which they have passed
~ Sir William Temple ~
My home is where my books are. (1909) 
~ Ellen Thompson ~
Books are the treasured wealth of the world
and the fit inheritance of generations and nations. 
~ Henry David Thoreau ~
Books, not which afford us a cowering enjoyment,
but in which each thought is of unusual daring;
such as an idle man cannot read, and a timid one would not be
entertained by, which even make us dangerous to existing institution —
such call I good books.
~ Henry David Thoreau ~
How many a man has dated a new era in his life
from the reading of a book. (1854)
~ Henry David Thoreau ~
Read the best books first,
or you may not have a chance to read them at all.
~ Henry David Thoreau ~
The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot
read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.
~ Alvin Toffler ~
The Brahmins say that in their books there are many
predictions of times in which it will rain.
But press those books as strongly as you can,
you can not get out of them a drop of water.
So you can not get out of all the books that contain
the best precepts the smallest good deed.
~ Count Leo Tolstoy ~
No matter how busy you may think you are,
you must find time for reading,
or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.
~ Atwood H. Townsend ~
Education… has produced a vast population able to read
but unable to distinguish what is worth reading,
an easy prey to sensations and cheap appeals.
~ G. M. Trevelyan ~
One half who graduate from college never read another book.
~ Herbert True ~
There are books so alive that you’re always afraid that
while you weren’t reading, the book has gone and changed,
has shifted like a river; while you went on living, it went on living too,
and like a river moved on and moved away.
No one has stepped twice into the same river.
But did anyone ever step twice into the same book?
~ Marina Tsvetaeva ~
A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever.
~ Martin Farquhar Tupper ~
Classic. A book which people praise and don’t read.
~ Mark Twain ~
A classic is something that everybody wants to have read
and nobody wants to read.” 
~ Mark Twain ~

y books are water;
those of the great geniuses are wine —
everybody drinks water.
~ Mark Twain ~
The man who doesn’t read good books
has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.
 ~ Mark Twain ~
I was born with the impression that what happened in books was
much more reasonable, and interesting, and real, in some ways,
than what happened in life. (1980) 
~ Anne Tyler ~
I‘ve traveled the world twice over,
Met the famous; saints and sinners,
Poets and artists, kings and queens,
Old stars and hopeful beginners,
I’ve been where no-one’s been before,
Learned secrets from writers and cooks
All with one library ticket
To the wonderful world of books.
~ Unknown ~
Ideally a book would have no order to it,
and the reader would have to discover his own.
~ Raoul Vaneigem ~
It is with books as with men –
a very small number play a great part,
the rest are lost in the multitude.
~ Voltaire ~
What harm can a book do that costs a hundred crowns?
Twenty volumes folio will never cause a revolution;
it is the little portable volumes of thirty sous that are to be feared.
~ Voltaire ~
Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.
~ Jessamyn West ~
Camerado! This is no book; who touches this touches a man.
~ Walt Whitman ~
Books had instant replay long before televised sports.
~ Bert Williams ~
Never read a book through merely because you have begun it.
John Witherspoon
Fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so lightly perhaps,
but still attached to life at all four corners.
~ Virginia Woolf ~
When the Day of Judgment dawns and the great conquerers and
lawyers and statesmen come to receive their rewards —
their crowns, their laurels, their names carved indelibly upon
imperishable marble — the Almighty will turn to Peter and will say,
not without a certain envy when he sees us coming with our books
under our arms, “Look, these need no reward. We have nothing to
give them here. They have loved reading. (1932) 
~ Virginia Woolf ~
Old books that have ceased to be of service
should no more be abandoned than should old friends
who have ceased to give pleasure.
~ Sir Peregrine Worsthorne ~
Choose an author as you choose a friend.
~ Sir Christopher Wren ~
I have often reflected upon the new vistas that reading opened to me.
I knew right there in prison that reading had changed forever the
course of my life. As I see it today, the ability to read awoke in me
some long dormant craving to be mentally alive.
~ Malcolm X ~
Man ceased to be an ape, vanquished the ape,
on the day the first book was written.
~ Yevgeny Zamyatin ~


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